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Nuffield Study - Report Part 4 - Gas and Electricity


The general concensus of opinion respecting the gas service was that the building of a new main linking up Cheltenham with Stroud had solved this particular problem, but Mr Hiller rather demurred from this and pointed out that it was a make-shift arrangement, and that the main was long and vulnerable.


There seem to be some conflict of views on the subject of Electricity . It is important to remember that there are two undertakings in the area (a) The West Gloucester Electric Power Co, and (b) The Stroud Electricity Co. The latter is an intermediary, buying in bulk and reselling, thus inflating costs and prices, without giving any corresponding service. More differences of opinion exist in regard to the West Gloucester Co. Mr Hillier of Sperry's confessed himself satisfied with the position, and thought charges are reasonable, bu Sperry's are,of course, fairly large-scale employers. Mr Warman, clerk to the Stroud RDC, thought that charges were too high, and said that the valleys would benefit from cheaper electricity. Mr Collinson of Leicester Lovell, said that his firm were not directly concerned, as they generated their own power, but he semed to think that electricity charges were rather high.

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