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Tilley Albert Edward

Report from Stroud News 24 March 1916

Albert Edward Tilley, a jobbing compositor of 4 John Street, stroud in the employ of Messrs Copeland Chatterson and Co Dudbridge appleid for total exemption on three grounds firstly, believing that all wars were the work of rulers, diplomats, armament makers and capatalists, he had the strongest possible moral objection to taking part in such, and further he was prepared to die rather than take part in any combatant service. Secondly he objected on financial grounds; and thirdly he stated that he had a crippled foot, suffered from rheumatism and was unable to walk much or carry weights.

The Chairman( Mr C Lambert): Have you been medically examined?
Applicant: No, Sir.
Colonel Capel: They why don't you; that will settle the whole business?
Applicant: My principle objection is a broad one. I am not taking this stand a shirker, as I have never been a shirker in anything, and can bring hundreds of friends I have worked with, lived with, and met who would support that. Whatever I take in hand I do thoroughly and in all sincerity. I am not here with foolhardy views; I am not taking religion or anything else, but I object from a strong moral point.
Colonel Capel: You need not go in the Army to take life, or go in the firing line, because there is heaps of things you could be put to if you are a conscientious objetor.
Applicant: I am here on principle, and I would not for any man - for God, King or anybody - take another man's life.
The Chairman: Have you any objection to non-combatant service?
Applicant: I have objection to taking part in any section of the military machine.
Mr Pearce: How long have you held these views?
Applicant: For eight years. Proceeding, he said eight years ago I went to London to work and while there went to Hyde Park, and gettign int ocontact with different meetings it started me thinking and from that time I have progressed and held thse views ever since. I did join the Independent Labour Party, but do not belong to them now. 
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