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1928 Council - January

Stroud Journal Friday 6 January 1928


Interesting Discussion on the Increasing Rates

The Price and Quality of Gas

Overcrowding: Four Experimental Houses to be built

The monthly meeting of the Stroud Urban District Council was held in the Board Room, John Street, Stroud on Wednesday evening. Mr W H Holloway (chairman) presided and the other members present were Messrs J W Aldridge, F W King, H E Trinder, O J Pearce, T E Saunders, A E Price J W Harper H Sanderson, E H Russell E E Saunders, R J Verney, P E Hayward, together with Dr Reginald Green, (Medical Officer of Health), W A Hudson (Sanitary Inspector), F S Cutler (Surveyor), and E Northam Witchell (Clerk)


Before commencing the business of the Council, the chairman said he desired to take the opportunity of wishing all Councillors a happy new year. They were commencing upon the last phase of their existance as a Council, and he ventured to express the hope that the remainder of the their time, which was short, would be spent profitably and pleasantly.


Mr King said at their last meeting he asked for statistics with regard to the rates and assessments in the Urban area for the past nine years. These figures had been circulated to members, and the chief point to which he drew the Council's attention was the wonderful increase in their rates. Some might think there had not been a great increase, but to his mind there had been a sustained increase since the War. Ifthey went back to 1919 it would be seen that the demand from the ratepayers was just about double to-day what it was then, notwithstanding that in 1919 they had quite a lot of money – he thought about £1,000 – invested in War Loan which they realised and spent. That in itself was something like a 6d rate. On March 31st, 1919, the general district rate was 1/3 in the £ for the half year; it was now 2/-. It was 2/6 for the whole year in 1919 and now it was 4/- , an increase of more than 50 per cent, whilst the Poor rate had actually doubled. At this time in 1919 2/4 was called for, whereas to-day the demand was 4/8 in the £. And yet in 1919 the assessible value of the urban district was only £43,000 while today it was £50,000. Combing the tow rates they were, as a matter of fact, asking the ratepayers more than double what they asked nine years ago. In the face of these figures he felt that the Council must seriously watch expenditure so that when the next rate was made with the great increase in their assessment the acutla call, although perhaps for as much money as now, would call for a smaller amount in the £. Eighteen months ago he asked the Clerk for the figures of the borrowing during the last previous four years, and these showed that the total amount borrowed was £24,480. On looking through the items of ....


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