1304 - Stroud's First Recorded Historic Building Dispute
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Acording to some the 700th Aniversary of the Stroud was 2004. In fact what  was being celebrated was Stroud's first historic building dispute which was settled by arbitration by the Archdeacon of Gloucester. Stroud gained a resident priest and the Paganhill lost theirs.

Stroud (recorded as La Strode in 1221)  formed part of the Parish of Bisley. Bisley then covered what we know today as Chalford, Brimscombe, Thrupp, Lypiatt and Stroud and the detached part of the parish covering Pagenhill and Whiteshill. A later agreement in 1360 for all practical purposes created a seperate parish, however, the Victoria County History records that Stroud

"continued to be regarded as a chapel to Bisley until the early 18th century when the finances of the living were finally placed on a sound footing, and, although the region served by the church apparently received the organs of parish government in the 16th century, until the mid 17th it was still often described as part of the parish of Bisley or as 'the limitation of Stroud within the parish of Bisley' "

Fisher's Notes and Recollections of Stroud includes an English  translation of the 1304 arbitration decision. 

The boundary of Stroud as broadly defined by the 1304 agreement and remained largely unchanged until local Government organisation in 1894. The division between the parishes mostly followed the local streams. Uplands, for example formed part of the Stroudend Tything of Painswick. which stretched as far as the Stroudwater Canal basin at Wallbridge. 
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