CUDMORE Frederick James
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In 1928 Cudmore stood for election to the Urban District Council

23 March 1928 Stroud Journal published a pen portrait of all 27 candidates.

Mr Frederick James Cudmore of Ye, Olde Painswick Inn, Stroud, although a new-comer to the town has proved himself a genial and popular host, and in his first attemt to win a seat on the Council doubtless he will have the support of a wide circle of friends. He is standing individually and is not associating himself with nay political or religious organisations.

He was unsuccessful on this occasion coming 26th out of 27 candidates.

A search of the Birth Index on provides birth details of 4 Frederick James Cudmore's . It is uncertain which of these (if any ) relate to this individual.

Frederick James Cudmore 1891 Oct-Nov-Dec, Exeter Devon

Frederick James Cudmore 1899 Jul-Aug-Sep ,Colchester Essex

Frederick James Cudmore 1903 Apr-May-Jun, Pontypridd Glamorgan, Mid Glamorgan

James Frederick Cudmore 1909 Jan-Feb-Mar , Fulham Greater London, London, Middlesex