Fire Brigade Orders 1898
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Stroud Urban District Council

Fire Brigade

Rules and Regulations

The Fire Brigade shall not attend a fire beyond the distance of 6 miles from the Town of Stroud, unless a fire in which valuable property is involved occurs beyond that limit, in which case the Captain of the Brigade shall use his discretion as to the Brigade's attendance. Should the Brigade attend a fire beyond the above limits under the exceptional circumstances before referred to, the Captain must report the full particulars of the case to the Council.

Whenever the Fire Brigade may leave the Town for the purpose of attending a fire or otherwise, at least 3 Firemen and 3 Auxiliaries , under the authority of Hon. Captain Gardner, shall remain in the Town in charge of a Fire Engine and Appliances, during the absence of the Fire Brigade, and such Auxiliaries shall attend the practices of the Brigade.

In case the Steam Fire Engine shall leave the Town at any time, a Manual Engine shall always remain in the Town.

The Fire Escape shall be in charge of the Captain of the Urban District Council Fire Brigade, and it shall be used by the Fire Brigade at every alternative practice with the Fire Engine.

The charge for the use of the Fire Engine beyond the limits of the District of the Urban District Council shall be £3 3s., and the charge for Horse hire for the Fire Engine and for Refreshments while working at a fire shall be the amount actually paid by the Urban District Council for such Horse hire and Refreshments.

The Wages to be paid to the Firemen while engaged at a fire shall be as follows, namely:

The Captain, 5s for the first hour, and 2s 6d for each succeeding hour or part of an hour.

Firemen, 2s 6d. For the first hour, and 1s for each succeeding hour or part of an hour.

Persons engaged to Pump the Engine at a fire, and who are not Members of the Brigade, shall be paid 1s for the first hour and 6d per hour afterwards.

The actual cost of any damage to the Fire Engine or Appliances whilst in use at a fire shall be charged to the Owner or Occupier of the Premises where the fire takes place, as the case may be.

Undated printed by John White, Printer, Stroud.

This document and a covering letter were sent to Painswick Parish Council 24 February 1898