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1795 Rowcroft House, Stroud built by Edward Thornton, a surgeon who sold it in 1806 1
1801 Joseph Grazebrook built two houses near the brewery, Rowcroft and moved his banking business. A few years afterwards Charles Harrison built five houses at Rowcroft filling up the space between Thornton's and Grazebrook's.2

1825 Rowcroft Pitch much improved at expense of Stroud(assume this is the part of the road in front of what is now the Stroud and Swindon building[former brewery site])

1845 two houses at Rowcroft (assumed to be those built by Grazebrook) demolished for the GWR bridge and the road lowered 6ft.

1 and 2 Stroud News Oct 5 1899 from an old Gloucestershire Diary