Conscientious Objectors
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Eborn Apperley

Bath Place Stroud
Reported SN 31 Mar 1916 Stroud Urban
Agreed to serve in RAMC
Applicant had applied on 2 grounds medical (previously sent to Horfield Barracks for assessment and found to be fit) and on personal grounds (rejected)

After an initial posting to the Dorset regiment was then posted to No 1 Southern Coy Non Combatant Corps
Thomas Hampton
Moor Hall Randwick
Reported SN
Mar 17 1916 Stroud Rural

Recommended for Service with RAMC
He was not a Roman Catholic but was described as Monk and the application was suported by Father C H Sharpe (in charge of Moor Hall) which was a Anglican retreat centre having up to 20 visitors

Served in RAMC and given rank of L/cpl
Albert Henry Freeman
Newmarket, Nailsworth

May 5 1916 appeared in Court charged with being an absentee under the Military Service Act. Pleaded guilty The military prosecutor Lieut Romilly Fedden  stated that the case "was like many others - it was one in which the Authorities were given a great deal of trouble. The Military Authorities were sending after men and found they had moved firs to one place then to another. amd ot was often times difficult to trace them. The prisoner was exempted from combatant service only and was called up by witness on April 19th but did not appear. He felt that some example should be made of the the case, inasmuch as the Authorities  were given an extroordinary amount of unnessary work." 

"Prisoner said he was acting according to his convictions and to what he thought to be right as a christian , and he objected to any form of service.

Later "Prisoner again stated he objected to service and added that he would not mind undertakign work of National imortance that was in no way connected with making munitions of war

The Chairman stated this was the first case the Court had before them and they did not wish to inflict a vindictive fine. They would therefore fine him the lowest amount they were allowed to , namely ...

Army records on Show that he was posted to Aldershot NCC although name of another regiment has been crossed through.
Albert Edward

4 John Street


SN 24 March 1916
Passed for non-combatant service
Details appear in Dictionary of Stroud Biography

William John Clements
Whiteway Colony

a market gardener appealed to the Stroud Rural Tribunal on conscience grounds and making clear not prepared to do non-combatant service. Final question "And you would be prepared to suffer martyrdom before giving up your convictions?" "Applicant: yes, quite willingly  The tribunal exempted him from combatant service only and he said he should appeal
Arthur William Trussler
gardener of Moor Court Gardens Amberley

applied on grounds to support his mother and conscietious objector on religious grounds as member of International Bible Students Assciation Refused

According to Ancestry/Archives WW1 records At the Bristol Depot he was posted to the Gloucestershire Regiment but on 15/6/16 the day after he had "enlisted" - although he did not sign his enlistment papers he was placed on a charge for "disobey a lawful command given by his  superior officer

" and as a consequence was sent to 112 days imprisonment with hard labour. Whilst the record is indistinct it looks as if he was then discharged.
William Rudland
brushmaker of Stonehouse

claimed that he was engaged on work of national importance and conscience grounds. Application refused

Records appear in Ancestry/Archives records Posted to Dorset Regiment from Bristol Depot then posted to Southern NCC
 George Kenworthy
"another Whiteway Colonist"
Mar 17 1916

accompanied by Chas Fox of Gloucester  more detail on runing farm with brother. Military Rep wanted work of national importance (farm) heard first. Refused non combatant service (RAMC mentioned in question)  Granted conditional exemptoin to sept 29th  remained in the work of an agriculturist.

Harry Clements

Whiteway Colony
Mar 17 1916

appied for total exemption Mr Wood (the military rep): "You realise you are a citizen of this country and the head is the King. You obey his laws?" Applicant: "I do as far as possible but if they do not appeal to me I do not" ....... Mr Wood said the case was simply one of refusing orders and he asked the Tribunal to refuse the application. Applicant said if his application was not acceded to he should refuse to serve and shoud resist the Military Authorities. No man could make him a soldier. Mr Wood: I quite agree; I don't thnk they could. He was exempted from military service and he gave notice of appeal.