CARMICHAEL Sir George (1866 - 1936)
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Times October 9 1936

Service in Bombay

Sir George Carmichael KCSI, who died at his residence Horsley Manor, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire on Wednesday, in his 71st year, was a member of the Bombay Executive Council under the Governorship first of Lord Willingdon and then of Lord Lloyd.
He was born to George Carmichael, of Aberdeen, on March 25 1866 and was educated at the Grammar School and the University of his native city, and then at Balliol College, Oxford where his probation for the Indian Civil Service was spent. He went out to the Western Presidency close on half a century ago, and early established a reputation as a sound district officer and most capable revenue official. For four or five years from 1889 he was lent to Burma, then greatly in need of men of his fine stamp: and this experiance with a short spell of duty later in the Punjab helped to widen his outlook. He had, too, some contact with the affairs of minor Indian States as Agent in Rewa Kantha and later in Bhor.
When Carmichael went to headquarters in 1910 as Chief Secretary to the Bombay Government it was with a working experiance in the districts which he was able to apply both to individual cases and to the formulation of general policies. Not only as a capable official but also as a great gentleman he won general respect and favour, and every one felt that Lord Willingdon had selected wisely in nominating him in 1915 to his Executive Council. He found time to take part in the work of the YMCA and other good objects, and in this as in other respects had the steadfast co-operation of his wife Mary Gertrude, CBE, daughter of MR CT Glover, shipowner. She was the moving spirit in the organized development of child welfare work in Bombay. Carmichael was with Lord (then Sir George) LLoyd in the first two years of his Governorship, and gave him enthusiastic support in bringing to fruition the great irrigation projects to bear his name. He was made a CSI in 1913 and raised to the Knighthood of the Order six years later. One of his two sons was at Winchester, followed him at Balliol in 1920 and is a director of firms of woollen manufacturers and merchants.
The cremation will be private; no flowers. A memorial service will be held on Horsley Church to-morrow at 3 o'clock.

Was a member of the Stroud RDC/Guardians in 1928

Times 12 October 1936

Memorial Services
Sir George CArmichael
A memorial service for Sir George Carmichael was held on Saturday at Horsley Church. Rev F H Lawrence officiated. Among those present were:-
Mr and Mrs Graham Carmichael (son and daughter-in-law). Mrs William Carmichael (sister in law), Miss Helen Carmichael and Miss Clarke (nieces), Mr W Kelly (nephew), Mrs Kelly.
Sir Fabian and Lady Ware, Mr and Mrs Phillip Percival, Sir Stanley Tubbs, Major Keate, Sir Harry and Lady Waters, Mrs Aikin-Sneath, Brigadier-General and Mrs Fasken, Mrs Marklove, Mrs and Miss Skrine, Mrs Naylor.
Colonel and Mrs Richardo, Mr J P Chrystal, Mr G Lowsley Williams, Mr J N Tod, Mr E H Fyffe, Mrs Percival Mayhew, Lady Goodrich, Colonel and Mrs Taylor, Dr and Mrs Kelly, Captain CHR Barnes, Mrs Fernie, Mrs Matheson, and Mrs Perkins.
Sir George Carmichael's elder son Captain C A Carmichael late RE, was unable to be present, as he is now living in India.