Opening of Cashes Green Hospital
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Stroud News - May 1916
Cashes Green Tuberculosis Hospital

Opening of the New Buildings

This week has seen the opening of the Tuberculosis Hospital at Cashes Green, Cainscross and a more comfortable or pleasantly situated building it would be practically impossible to find. It is easily one of the finest institutions of its kind in the count and the Stroud district is well in front of towns in many counties in making so splendid provision for persons stricken with consumption. The project fo the establishment of the institution was first set on foot by the Insurance Commissioners who desired a hosptial to serve various parts of the county and one that was centrally situated. Stroud having been selected as the most suitable place, the next step was to obtain a site and after a number of suggestions, a plot of ground adjoining the Isolation Hospital at Cashes Green was found to meet the requirements of the authorities, whose duty it was to superintend the erection of the building. This view was not, as our readers will well remember, held by the Cainscross Parish Councillors, who were supported by the parishioners, and as protest against their district being used as, so they asserted, "a dumping ground." the members of the council retired as a body. Consequently, the parish was without a governing body for a considerable time, but during this period and after numerous enquiries had been made as to the advisability of erecting the hospital, building operations were set in progress, wit the result that, as we have stated, there now stands a first class institution for the treatment of tuberculosis. Recently the Parish Council has been reformed, and now that the building is completed the councillors and parishioners can be relied upon to give the hospital all the support possible to ensure its successful conduct.