All Members of Parish Council Resign over TB Hospital
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Cainscross Parish Council


Tuesday January 6 1914


The Chairman said the meeting that evening was specially called to consider what steps to take in view of the Joint Hospital Board having decided to admin consumptives into the Hospital at Cashes Green and after a long and animated discussion taken part in by all the members; it was proposed by Mr Charles Smith  Seconded by Mr W H Mathews that a meeting of Parochial Electors consider the subject be held on Tues evening January 13 at 7.30 and that a copy of the notice be sent to the Guardians of the said Parish of Cainscross. This was passed unanimously.


Tuesday January 20 1914


A meeting of the Council was held at the Schools Cainscross on Tuesday Evening January 20th 1914 Mr J R Pearson, Chairman presided others present were M H Brinkworth, F J Harper, B Hudson, J E Mills, H A Powell, J E Pearce, C Smith, F H ??, J H White.


The Chairman reported the result of the meeting of Parochial Electors held on Tuesday January 13, when it was unanimousingly decided to send a Memorial to the Local Government Board against the proposal to make arrangements for Consumptive patients at or near the Isolation  Hospital at Cashes Green. The Chairman explained this meeting of the Council was called especially to consider the said memorial, and after some discussion the following were appointed as a Committee to see to the matter.

Mr B Hudson, Mr H A Powell, Mr C Smith and the Chairman.


Tuesday September 1st 1914


The thirteenth Meeting of the Council elected in March 1913, was held at the Schools Cainscross on Tuesday Evening September 1st 1914


Mr J R Pearson Chairman presided others present ……


Mr Smith also reported that the Committee of the Joint Hospital Board had decided to commence Building operations in connection with a Tuberculosis Hospital at Cashes Green and it appeared that instead of a Government Inquiry as promised being held an Inspector from the Local Government Board came down seeking the proposed site with  a few select officials and Dr Green, and after his report to London a reply was received favourable to the proposed scheme. Some discussion ensured after Mr Smith’s  report; The Chairman and others feeling strongly on the matter and on the proposition of Mr Smith seconded by Mr White, the Chairman was requested to write to the Local Government Board on the subject. 


Tuesday September 22 1914

A special meeting of the Council was held at the Schools Cainscross on Tuesday Evening September 22 1914


The meeting was called specially to consider a letter from the Local Government Board stating reasons which had induced them to sanction the erection of buildings for the treatment of Tubuculosis near the Hospital at Cashed Green. The contents of the letter was considered to be very unsatisfactory, and strong opinions was expressed against the treatment the parish had received in the matter; and it was unanimously decided for the Chairman to endeavour to see the Right Hon CP Allen on the subject.


Tuesday October 13 1914


A second special meeting of the Council of the Council was held at the Schools Cainscross on Tuesday Evening October 13 1914. The said meeting having been called by the Chairman to consider the reply of the Local Government Board to letter sent to them respecting the proposed erection of the a Tuberculosis Hospital at Cashes Green. Mr J R Pearson, Chairman of the Council presided and the whole of the Members were present namely Mr H J Brinkworth, F J Harper, Bramwell Hudson, W H Mathews, J E Mills, J E Pearce, HA Powell, Charles Smith, F H Finer, H White. The Chairman said that members present at the last meeting would remember having heard from Mr Smith who was a member of the Joint Hospital Board that the Local Government Board had given permission for buildings to be erected for the treatment of cases of tuberculosis at Cashes Green and as the Council had heard nothing of this they instructed him as Chairman to write and see if this information was correct or not and the following reply had been received.


Local Government Board

Whitehalld SW

10 Sept 1914


Sir, I am directed by the Local Government Board to advert to your letter of the 2nd instant, with reference to the proposal of the Stroud Joint Hospital Board to erect a Hospital for the treatment of Tuberculosis on a site adjointing the Joint Board’s infectious deseases hospital at Hamwell Leaze, Cainscross. In reply, I am to state that the  Board has carefully considered the objections raised in the memorial which accompanied your letter of the 24th January last, and have caused the site to be inspected by one of their Medical Inspectors. After consideration of the Inspectors report, it appears to the Board that the site is suffieciently suitable for the erection of a Tuberculosis Hospital subject to suitable arrangements being made for the drainage of the site. They are advised that it may be necessary to deepen the ditches adjoining the site and to provide some land drains.


Further, the Board are advised that there is no justification for the fear expressed that the tuberculosis partients are likely to be a source of infection to the inhabitants of the parish, and in this connection I am to point out that the Departmental Committee on tuberculosis express the opinion in their final report (C D 6641 page 4) that a properly conducted institution for the treatment of tuberculosis is not a source of danger to the neighbourhood. I am, sir, your obedient servant,


Walter J Gerard

(Assistant Secretary)


30 September 1914


Sir, - I beg to acknowledge the receipt of the 10th instant. I have palced the letter before the Cainscross Parish Council, and I need hardly say that the members are very disappointed with the contents.


The Council would be glad if you would kindly inform them: 1st, Why after a memorial had been forwarded from the parish, they were not informed of the decision of the Local Government Board; and 2nd If it is not usual for an inquiry to be held when money is to be borrowed for public work?

The Council feel very strongly that when the opinion of one Medical Inspector can over-ride the deliberately expressed convictions of the Health Authority for the area, the Parish Council, and a crowded and fully representative meeting of the parishioners – without a public inquiry being held – that Local Government is approximating very closely to a farce. – I remain, yours faithfully


J R Pearson


(cutting from newspaper either Stroud News or Stroud Journal)


Local Government Board

Whitehall SW

8th October 1914


Sir, - I am direted by the Local Government Board to advert to your letter of the 30th ultimo, with reference to the proposal of the Stroud Joint Hospital Board for the treatment of tuberculosis at their infectious diseased hospital at Hamwell Leaze, CAinscross, and I am to state that the Board regret that an earlier reply was not sent to the memorial of the Cainscross Parish Council. At the same time I am to explain that although the Board have expressed approval of the proposals, no loan has yet been sanctioned for the extension of the necessary works.


I am also to state that a local inquiry is not a statutory requirement in the present case, and having regard to the report of their Inspector, afte his visit to the site, the Board do not propose to hold such an inquiry.


The application of the Joint Hospital Board does not relate to the establishment of a new hospital, but merely to the extension of an existing infectious diseases hospital in order that provision may be made for treating cases of tuberculousis, and the Board may state that the treatment of tuberculosis has been successfully carried out for some years past in separate pavilions in the grounds of isolation hospitals. I am , sir, your obedient servant.


A R Maclacklan

(for Assistant Secretary)


A long discussion ensured in connection with the foregoing correspondence, the members of the Council considering resignation of office as a protest against the way the Council had been treated in the matter, and after more discussion it was proposed by Mr F J Harper that the Council resigns as a body as a protest against the way in which the Parish had been treated in connection with the treatment of the tuberculosis at the Hospital at Cashes Green and that the members will not stand as candidates at another Election. The proposition was seconded by Mr F Finer and carried unanimously by each member signing the written proposition. The Clerk being instructed to send notice of same to the clerk of the County Council at Gloucester


The minutes of this meeting were signed at the next meeting on 9 May 1916.




31 March 1915   Mr J C C Kimmins having been appointed temporary Chairman by the County Council, and acting on their behalf called a meeting of Parochial Electors to elect a Parish Council on Tuesday the 9th day of February 1915 but no person was proposed to fulfil the office.


Mr Kimmins has since been again appointed to act as temporary Chairman and sign cheques until the Election of Parish Councillors in March 1916 .

H Jefferies



29 April 1916

County Council order

Whereas in consequence of a difficulty having arisen with respect to the election of Parish Councillors for the Parish of Cainscross and of the Parish Council having become unable to act by reason of a want of councillors, James Charles Clegg Kimmins of Ryeford Hall, Stonehouse, in the County of Gloucester is, by virtue of the Cainscross (Parish Council New Election) Order 1915 acting temporarily in the place of the said Parish Council and of the Chairman of such Parish Council, but his appointment so to act may at any time be revoked.


And whereas the ten persons hereafter named being willing to act as Parish Councillors for the said Parish of Cainscross, the County Council has at the request of the said James Charles Clegg Kimmins decided to revoke his temporary appointment and to appoint such ten persons to act as Parish Councillors for the said Parish.