Gardiner FE
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Described as "veteran" Labour Member of Council in Cheltenham Choronicle in 1919 (12/4/19) and having come 3 in the contest.

Nominated as Director for Stroud Coop Society in 1898 (Chelt Chroniicle 5/2/1898) but was unsuccessful. Poll took place at all of society's shops.

Stood for Stroud UDC in 1898 coming 25 of 26 candidates  (Chelt Chronicle 9/4/1898) His party not mentioned election fought on political lines reported to be 10 cons and 8 liberals elected.

Listed as attending AGM of Conservative Workingmens Benefit Society (Chelt Chronicle 26/12/1903) in a list of people  "supporting" the Grand Master  - assumed to be the platform party.

Reported as being Foreman of a Coroners Jury held into a canal suicide (Chelt Chronicle 20/6/1908)

Reported as organiser of trip to Weston by train (assume from Stroud MR station) - appears this started a 'few years ago' "perhaps more than anyone else in the town is in touch with the children on Stroud's hill" Hon Sec Mrs Henry Pegler

Report from Cheltenham Chronicle Sat 9/1/1909
At last week's meeting of the Board of Guardians the relieving officers stated that there were no cases of unemployment which required to be dealt with the Guardians. This gave a a somewhat erroneous impressioin to outsiders. Unfortunately there is a good deal of unemployment in the town and district, but it exists in the class of people who will not go to the Board. The Stroud Trades and Labour Council have a record of 100 unemployed, and this is to be passed on to the Urban Council, the officials of which body are going to do all they legally can to find work for as many of them as possible. There is plenty of work for navvies in Stroud in connection with the Nailsworth sewerage works. It appears that there are 130 children in the town who go to school each morning suffering from the pangs of hunger. A committee of local philanthropists has taken the matter in hand, and the requests for help are being generously met. At the same time, I agree with Mr F E Gardiner in the opinion that the meals should have been provided under the new Act by the managers of the Stroud Group of Council Schools. COMMENTATOR.

Sat 14 August 1909 contains report of Councillor FE Gardiner's 'treat' taking 200 of the town and district's slum children to Weston - with an aside that there are in fact slums in Stroud. Party returned home about midnight

Saturday 8 June 1912 discussion about a;pointment of road foreman (in charge of about 30 or 40 people ) was also a licencee of a pub. Referred back to committee for further consideration.