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In 1928 Dudbridge stood for re-election to the Urban District Council

23 March 1928 Stroud Journal published a pen portrait (including photo) of all 27 candidates.

Mr John Stephen Dudbridge of Magdala Villas, Uplands, Stroud is the oldest member of the Council having been elected 24 years ago. During this long period he has served the town faithfully and well, as statement which has been proved over and over again at election times when he has been returned top of the poll or in the first two or three. He has served as chairman of the Council and at the present time is chairman of the Finance Committee. He is also seeking re-election to the Stroud Board of Guardians of which he is chairman and on which he has served for thirty years.

He was successfully re-elected coming second in the poll.

John Dudbridge was Chairman of the Board of Guardians in 1928

1901 censue records John Dudbridge (age 35 born Stroud) living with his wife Annie (age 29 born Worcestershire) and children Leonard (age 8 born Stroud) and Morton (age 3 born Uplands). They are recorded as living in Springfield Road and are the third entry before entries for Uplands Road start.

Using www.Ancestry.co.uk Marriage is recorded in the Ross Registration District for Oct-Dec Quarter of 1891. On the same page (vol 6a page 1000) is recorded an Annie Fearnall. An Annie Fearnall is record in the 1891 Census as living with her parents at Trewaugh in the village of Llangarren in the Ross Registration District, age is given as 19. Her father William Fearnall (aged 45 born Worcestershire) is shown as a Farm Bailiff and her mother Emma B (aged 42 born Gloucestershire). A marriage in 1867 (Upton on Severn District vol 6c page 501) of a William Fearnall is recorded. On the same page an Emma Beesley is recorded as being married. An Emma Beesley (aged 10 therefore does not precisely tally with above data although age at other censuses varies by 2 years from being aged 12 at this time) is recorded as living with her parents in Tewkesbury in the 1861 census. Have not found record of death.