1928 Election - Address - Margaret Hills
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Advert Stroud Journal 23 March 1928



MONDAY, April 2nd, 1928

To the Electors of Stroud & Uplands

Rowcroft, Stroud


At the request of the Stroud Urban Women Citzens' Association1 I venture to offer myself for election to the Stroud Urban District Council.

I have now been living in Stroud six years during which time I have never associated myself with any political party but have always taken the deepest interest in non party questions of Social Reform, particularly as they affected the health, happiness and welfare of this District; and I have come to the conclusion that I could work more effectively for these ends if I had a seat on the local Council.

Up tlll now no woman has been elected to this body, but I feel sure that that there must be very many men as well as women who will agree that where such matters such as housing, pure food, clean streets, sanitation, children's playgrounds etc are discussed, a women would not be out of place.

Further, as a housekeeper, I am naturally both interested and experianced in economy in expenditure and the prevention of waste, and I shall, if elected to the Council, do all in my upmost to ensure that the Ratepayer gets the utmost value for every penny which he or she is called upon to pay.

In conclusion I have only to say that, should you do me the honour to elect me as one of your representatives, I shall work single heartedly for the good of the twon, my frist and last thought being always, as a women's must be, for the children.

Yours truly


March 20th, 1928

1After decades of campaigning for women's suffrage, initiatives were established to lay the foundations of women's informed political participation in the early part of the twentieth century. From 1913, autonomous local Women Citizen's Associations were formed throughout the United Kingdom following Eleanor Rathbone's initiatives in Liverpool and Manchester. Their aim was to stimulate women's interest in social and political issues in order to prepare them for active citizenship.

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