1928 Election - Stroud Journal Comment
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Stroud Journal SUDC Election 1928 Comments

Jottings by Jonathan 1

Stroud Journal 23 March 1928

Unlike Muncipal boroughs Stroud does not get an election every year. Our City Fathers serve for a term of three years, and then if they have behaved themselves and rendered good service they stand a good chance of being re-elected. I do not think we need regret that our elections are trienial, although of course a Mayor and Corporation, with insignia of office, would please some people, and need not be dismissed as trivial. Of course members of muncipalities do not appeal in a body to the ratepayers, and here I think, we have the advantage. We can place 27 candidates in the field for 18 seats – (that is the situation this year) – and if it is not a case of paying your money and taking your choice, there is an opportunity to weigh up the respective merits of a goodly number of citizens, and distribute favours judiciously as we know how. I have already pointed out that several councillors do not seek election re-election, and this still further renders it certain that the new Council will differ in personnel from the one just defunct.

Fourteen old Councillors are standing again. Even if they are all re-elected there must be four new Members. It remains to be seen whether retiring Members seeking re-election still retain the confidence of the Ratepayers. In many homes the situation will be discussed frankly, and if husbands and wives do not always agree on the respective merits of nominees, I hope the men will be gracious enough to vote for the only lady candidate. It is pleasing to note that a lady of of energy and abilityis willing to servie in office, and I am sure that if elected she will fully justify the confidence reposed in her. A number of candidates stand en bloc, and include old Members and new aspirants. The Ratepayers Association nominate candidates , and others stand independently. Thus we are faced with what should be an interesting contest. There is excellent material for forming as good a Council as the town has ever had , and it is for voters to use their judgement as to ensure this result.

On another page will be found the portaits of the 27 candididates standing for the Stroud Urban Council Election. One lady among so many men gives rather a lop-sided appearnce to the interesting gallery of celebrities. There is all the more reason that she should receive special encouragement whilst ploughing her lonely furrow).

A protrait gallery good to scan!

One lady, bracketted with man!

A modest claim to play a part

With nimble brain, and honest heart

And City Fathers worth the name

Will welcome gallently the Dame

Who knows full well the public needs,

And how to couple word and deeds.

So as we gaze upon the crowd

Of men who wish to work for Stroud,

Ne'er let it be confessed that we

We're lacking in true chivalry.

1“Jottings By Jonathan” was an unatributed column (normally written by the Journal Editor) which was a mix of a Leader Column and a Diary Column and continued to be a key feature of the paper for many years and continued long after merger with the Stroud News in the 1960's.