1928 Council - October
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Stroud Journal  October 1928

Interesting Discussions on Gas and Electricity

Extension of Park Gardens - Gift of Land by Mr J Mills

The usual monthly meeting of the Stroud Urban District Council was held in the Board Room John Street, Stroud on Wednesday evening. Mr OJ Pearce (Chairman) presided and the others present were Mrs Hills, Sir Harry Waters, Lt-Col DP Stuart, Major K Godsell, Messr F W KIng, CH Sanderson, AE Price, JJ Hind, JS Dudbridge, EE Saunders, ND Reyne, FA Wood, CCW Lambert, WH Harper, together with Dr Reginald Green (Medical Officer of Health), W A Hudson (Sanitary Inspector), FS Cutler (Surveyor) and E Northam Witchell (Clerk)   [16 members attending]

More Complaints about the Gas Supply

Mr F W King sais on many occasions questions had been raised about the as to the quality of the gas supplied in Stroud, and it had been suggested that before anything was said on the matter the names and addresses of people who were complaining should be obtained. During the past two weeks or three weeks it had occurred to him that it would be simpler to get the rate collector's lists and strike out the one or two names of those who were satisifed and say that the rest were dis-satisfied. (laughter) Since the last Council meeting many of the Council house tenants had drawn his attention to the very bad gas supplied and last Sunday people in the Stratford-road houses found it quite impossible to cook their dinners or light two or three lights at the same time. He did not think they could find a single woman in Stroud who had to cook her own dinner who was satisfied with the gas, and he asked the Streets and Lighting Committee to seriously consider the matter.

Mr C H Sanderson heartily supported Mr King, but with regard to referring to the it to the Streets and Lighting Committee he stated that he had drawn the attention of that committee to the matter time after time without result.

Mrs Hills said several people had spoken to her about the gas supply and she had advised them to complain to the Gas Company, as Mr Woodcock, the manager, had said he had not received any complaints. If the people bombarded the Gas Company with complaints it would place the Council in a much stronger position.

The Chairman: I quite agree.

Sir Harry Waters gave an instance of his own gas supply where the Gas Company laid a new pipe direct to the main , without cost, thus giving him an excellent supply.

The Chairman: Doubtless the Committee will take notice of these remarks and go into the matter.

Street Lighting

Mr. King asked what time the street lamps were extinguished at night. He realised the difficulty in putting out all the lamps at the same time, but the lamps in the Uplands were always out long before 11pm, which was rather early. ....

part of text missing ... elsewhere as in the Uplands. If they said they were ugly he agreed but the telephone poles were not works of artistic merit and there might be some doubt as to whether the gas lamp standards were artistic. There were thousands of poles fo wireless which did not enhance the beauty of the landscape. He had heard that roads in the Uplands were not wide enough to allow poles to be errected, but there were unlighted gas standards there which were quite as dangerous as the electric poles would be. He thought the Council should do all they could to facilitate the supply of electricity to people who were anxious to have it.

Mr King supported Mr Dudbridge. Poles had been errected along the Slad Road, but the committee were now taking exception to them being placed in side streets. He proposed that the minute be deleted and no objection be raised to the poles being erected in the Uplands, but that the Council ask the Electric Supply Co to accept a sub-committee who would advise them with regard to the position of the poles.

Mr A E Price said he would like to see electric light in the Uplands at the earliest opportunity but he strongly objected to the poles not because of their unsightliness but because they would form a very real danger in the narrow roads there. The Electric Co should be compelled to carry their cables underground as the Gas Company did, with whom they were in competition.

Mr Dudbridge seconded Mr Kings's proposition.

Mr Sanderson said the could no more stop electric light from coming to Stroud than they could keep back the sea, and yet ever since he had been a member of the Streets and Lighting Committee they had always raised obections to these overhead cables. He strongly supported Mr King's amendment.

On being put to the vote Mr King's amendment was carried and the Chairman, Sir Harry Waters and Mr Dudbridge were appointed as the sub-committee.

Extension of Park Gardens - Mr J Mill's Gift

Mr WH Harper appealed for further donations towards the Park Gardens Fund, betwen £200 and £300 were still required to finish the layout. The Gardens were being used and appreciated by many people. He announced that he had just received information that Mr Joe Mills of the Uplands, was willing to give a piece of ground at the top of Park Gardens if the Council would accept it (applause). He was sure the Council would do so and he thought they should heartily thank Mr Mill's for his generous offer.

The Clerk: Is that the whole of the top piece?

The Surveyor: Yes from the garages down to the top of the Gardens.

Mr King seconded Mr Harper's motion of thanks to Mr Mills. The land was the connecting piece between the Gardens and the Uplands. Up to now it had been necessary for Uplands people to go half-way down the Pitch to enter the Gardens, but now they ...

Extension of Park Gardens - Mr J Mill's Gift