Russell Street - Sims Clock
Posted by on January 01 1970 00:05:12
Biographical information on William Thomas Sims can be found under his entry in the SDB:


... Mr Ruck asked us when it (Sims's Clock) was errected: to find the answer strangely enough provided a more difficult task than we had fancied. Conjectures among those we approached to give us a lead in searching our files varied from 1912 to 1927. However thanks to the kindness of many we finally traced the date of the clock's completion as February 1921.

£3,000 BEQUEST

The clock came into being through the a bequest of £1,000 for this purpose from William Thomas Sims, formerly of Uplands, who died at the Mount, Longhope on June 29 1917. He also left £2,000 for the purpose of entertaining the poor of Stroud and Uplands2 to Christmas dinner and advantage is still being taken of his generosity. Owing to the war, work was delayed until September 1920, at a time when craftsmen were fully occupied on memorials to the Fallen, that the work was put in hand. First of all a concrete base was laid by Messrs E Beavis, building contractors of Rodborough and then H. H. Martyn Ltd of Cheltenham sculptors and monumental masons took over the tower, 24 feet high when finished, was made of Bath stone. In February 1923 a UDC minute records £5 was to be paid per annum to Wells and Sons, the nearby jewellers, for winding the clock.

2 This part of the bequest is now part of Stroud United Charities (reg number 259894) and since re-organisation in 1970 distributed as grants or loans to indivduals with the area of benefit limited to the area of the former Stroud Urban District Council.