Nuffield Study - Appendix 2 - Daniels
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Nuffield Study 1943

Appendix 2

TH & J Daniels


General Mech. Engineers and Iron founders



Number employed at present time (June/ Sept 1942





Estimated Numbers employed prewar





Estimated postwar numbers (a)men (b) women


Does the housing situation effect your supply of labour at the present time? If so, in what way?

Unable to house the additional labour that could be absorbed , Our regular men would live nearer the works if houses were available.

Do you expect to remain after the war?

Established 1836

What proportion of your employees travel to work by train (other means of conveyance) from other districts?

Very few by train. 30 travel by motor care or motor cycle, others cycle.

What is the nature of your principal raw materials?

Does it come by rail, canal or road?

pig iron, coke foundry and gas, steel bars, plates etc. Rail
Pig iron, coal and some steel plats in old days came by canal

What form of power do you use?

mains supply W. Glos Elec

Do you produce your own power? If so, is it generated by steam or gas?

own anthracite gas plants up to about 300 HP

Would you be interested in an increased public supply of electric power, if available

We have sufficient supply for our requirements

National Archives BT 64/3114